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Lon-Lon's Big Night

Lon-Lon's Big Night

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EKS has joined with Milk and Honey Press to bring quality Israeli children's books to you. These bilingual (Hebrew and English) books, by Israeli authors and illustrators, grew out of a desire to promote cultural awareness and strengthen children's ties and understanding of Israel.

Lon-Lon, a little sand fox, was born in the Negev, the desert of Israel. Lon-Lon lived with his family inside an underground burrow. One night Lon-Lon was allowed for the first time to go outside. He stepped out of the burrow, began to play, and then suddenly found himself alone in the middle of the desert, far from from his home and family. That was the beginning of Lon-Lon's big night.

Other titles in this series of Israeli children's books include A New Boy and Jonathan and the Waves

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